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3 months ago

As Always Fantastic service total expert cannot rate highly enough excellent value for money

S “That Vegan Bloke” K

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3 weeks ago


Thank you Jonathan for you're fantastic service and expertise! My Lenovo Legion decided to brick itself after a Lenovo recommended Bios Update. Jonathan quickly put me at ease, picked up my machine on the same day and had it back to me the following day after a full Windows reset and sort out. I can't recommend him highly enough! Very friendly and professional. Top chap! Cheers!

Quinn Evans-Jeanrenaud recommends Castle Lane Computers.

6 April 2020 ·

I definitely recommend the guys at castle computers. I spilt water on my laptop during the lockdown and was panicking as to what to do. They asked me immediately what I had done and how to reduce the damage. They promptly told me what my options were and what they could offer. Within a few hours, they had collected my laptop and it was returned to me with no issues at a good rate. Collected on Friday and returned on Monday! Great efficient and professional service which put me at ease when stressing that I'd broken my laptop.