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Castle Computers have been delivering technical excellence, in hardware, software and most importantly - support and guidance, for a third of a century.

Our approach is simple: With us, it's not about your computer - it's about your business and you.

  • We understand that the technology we love is a just tool - to help you do what you do best.

  • We know you need it to be reliable and that we can fix it promptly when it goes wrong.

  • We can show you ways to be more productive, to do it safely, securely and ensure you don't lose data if you lose your computer, if it all goes up in smoke (or under water or gets lost or stolen or beaten to death in a frustrated rage).

  • We can help you work from home, your office, your client's office; anywhere with the internet. Your phone or tablet. Everything in one place - securely and seamlessly.

We understand your technology needs and will help you make smart choices. That's what we do best.

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